CBC Capital, LLC offers companies a strategic financial alternative to those that are in unproductive lender relationships, or unqualified for the traditional banking channels.

We connect your finance opportunity with one of our many funding partners. Our network has a wide range of funding sources including; Wealthy Individuals, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and Institutional money.

Our specialty is alternative investments that yield annual returns of 10%-25% to our funding sources. We focus our efforts in two areas; Longevity Risk ( life settlements), and Subprime Consumer Lending (title loans, pay day loans, installment loans). We recently completed several life settlement transactions, and secured a $100m senior credit facility for a large subprime lender.

We look to broker qualified funding opportunities ranging from $1m-$500m. A finder’s fee will be paid for qualified referrals that result in a successful funding.

Please contact us to discuss your financing needs or to participate as a investor in one of our funding opportunities.